Your MP3 Music Player Is Personal… But Why?


A long time ago I heard one guy saying “The most personal object I own is my iPod. I don’t feel comfortable listening to another one if I want to hear a song that is not there, well that would be a truly disappointing event”.


Crazy enough to hear that, it has some true on it. If you haven’t read my article “New Sound Of Music? Give It A Second Chance “ I encourage you do do it after reading this one because there is a connection between them.


If you’ve checked out my about page (if you haven’t click here ), you read something about noise perception. Our brains receive signals from our ears, which we call sounds. Until this point, every sound will arrive in the brain in almost the same way in every single person. The beauty comes when the sound gets into the brain.


Our brains are constantly changing. Every time we learn a new word, a new language or a new trick like opening a beer with a lighter (if you don’t know how to do this, you’re way behind the competition), our brains collect the new info and changes in some way to absorb the new skill or knowledge. Imagine all of the people in the world individually. It is impossible to find two humans that had to learn AND HEARD the same things all over his/her life.


With that said. Every one of us possesses a different brain that evolves in a different path. if that is correct, we all approach to a sound exclusively. It’s OK if you think your favorite band or your favorite album is a different one from the one your best friend thinks. That’s, in my opinion, one of the best things about music. We feel different things with the exact same note, played by the exact same artist with the exact same guitar. Isn’t that great?


I hear all the time (and this happens a lot in the queues for a concert) guys discussing that this singer can’t sing, or this drummer is so basic he should quit. What will they know? If that singer can’t sing, and he does (or doesn’t), why he is not in the stage or on the radio anyway? Music is a matter of feelings and it is OK if you dislike some band or some song. Others will love it.


My point is… the guy talking about his iPod in the beginning of this article wasn’t that crazy. It is going to be fairly unlikely (like winning the lottery 2 times in a year) to find two men or women that will have the exact same taste in music. Sure! you’ll share some artist, but not your entire music collection. Look, if you are a guy that finds a woman with your exact music collection (won’t happen) she is the one, she is your soulmate. Grab her tight and don’t let her go. This goes also if girl met a guy, guy a guy, girl a girl… You see my point right?