New Sound Of Music? Give It A Second Chance


As I said in my other article “Your MP3 Music Player Is Personal… But Why?”, every single human being interprets the waves of a sound in a different and exclusive way.


What do you think a person will think when he/she hear a strange sound for the very first time? Well, if the sound is high and violent (I’m talking about metal music now), the most likely thing to happen is that that person will be willing to stop hearing that sound. This is the normal thing to happen, the sound is completely new to his/her brain and he/she is just not used to it.


We’re generally used to “normal” sounds and we feel safe until we hear something different. People are, most of the time, narrow-minded and unwilling to change on a small scale of time. You might wonder sometimes why it took thousands and thousands of years to evolve? Sure, the evolution is a more complex and way more hard to accomplish thing than appreciate a sound. But I think you got my point.


These things happen in society all the time. We, as human beings aren’t so moldable to new changes. I see everyday car drivers angry because the trolley car travels in the middle of the street in sometimes (and in most cases the only disadvantage they have is visual because trolleys don’t encourage to traffic increment in the vast majority of the time). I bet you this same thing should have happened to the riders of horses when they saw cars in the street the first times. I see people bothering and unwilling to separate trash in order to help the recycling process (and this will only take few minutes of their weekly time if any). We tend to see small and insignificant things with a magnifying glass. We whine by instinct.


Hell! I just want to encourage you to give that “different” sound the second round. Trust me, there was a time when I was so narrow-minded that I (think I) didn’t like a song with screaming voices, even if there was just a little bit of it. Neither I would dare to listen to any POP star (maybe that was only a rebel stage of mine :P) Now, I listen to everything, if I don’t like it, I just don’t add it to my music library. If I like it I’ll add it. If I love it, I’ll buy the physical format.


With all that being said, I want to set clear what I thought about the subject in fewer words. If you find disturbing a sound in the first impression, give it a second chance. It could impress you the fact that you might like it after a few turns. If you don’t like it. It is just not your cup of tea then 🙂