5 Cool Benefits Of Playing Musical Instruments

You may have heard once in your life the benefits of playing musical instruments, such as opening your mind, making you think differently. Is that right ? I hope that this article will help you realize if this is true or not 


1⃣  You’ll be more patient and your concentration will increase. Learning to play an instrument can be very challenging in the beginning. Then it gets easier. That is why all your Gods (like Hendrix, Satriani, Santana, Portnoy… just to name a few), in their first steps as musicians should have been very patient and concentrate to play the first notes. The first, second and tenth time they played sucked! (and so do we ) You have to be very patient to turn that lousy note into a clear one.


2⃣ You’ll remember more things   This has been proved so many times. I will quote one story: 22 kids  where tested, all of them with the same educational level, social class, and background. Half of them took keyboard lessons  (such a cool instrument by the way). This half of the children improved their spatial-temporal skills (the ability to picture a spatial pattern and understand how items or pieces can fit into that space) 34 percent more than the other children that didn’t take the musical classes (Source: Brainconnection).


3⃣ You’ll be more organized and responsible. If you want to play an instrument, you’ll have to manage to find the time ⌚ to do it, so you will have to schedule your all duties and find some space to play. A lot of instruments will need some care. We are not all (unfortunately) Dave Mustaine (or not yet? ), who has a team that carries, replace, clean and tunes his guitars. So you must be responsible, at least at first, with your instruments. Like storing them in their cases, for some instruments, putting some oil on them, and clean them periodically.


4⃣ You’ll be a chicks/guys magnet  We’ve all had that friend that played guitar in the school that all the chicks were crazy about him right? At least I had it. There is no study that I know that ensure this point I’m making (if you know one let me know it) but I can say that if you play guitar (or another instrument) you will build a magnet that will bring you more girls and boys that you’ll imagine. You have heard that right, it is not bad to see a girl playing drums. Isn’t it?


5⃣ You’ll be more global. If you jam with your pals, you’ll strengthen the ability to work with a team. A lot of times it can be tough to play all together and sound good (or even decent). So you’ll have to cooperate with your team in order to figure out what is wrong and fix it . While doing this, you also are connecting with people different than you, with different taste of music and background. This will make you realize the diverse flavors of the world of music of (hopefully) all over the world while appreciating the different cultures.


Playing Musical Instruments
Source: PIxabay


Are the reasons mentioned above not enough for incentivizing you to learn how to play an instrument ? I have played drums   since I was 13 years old and the only thing I regret is to haven’t started earlier. I have a couple of times tried with the guitar, but I’m only able to play some chords.


You can go and try to learn at least. I’ll bet you’ll like it 


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