Listening Music With The Shuffle On?

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Listening Music

Have you?

Of course, you have! Are you going to tell me that you’ve never listened to an album with the shuffle on? I had also. I will be honest with you, and this thing embarrassed me a little. There was a time when I never listen to any album in the track order that was originally recorded. This was when the first iPods came in and shuffle was a new and cool thing.

Listening Music

Do you imagine driving the “Back To The Future’s” car, go back to the 70’s and tell a guy that it is possible to reproduce the songs of a vinyl with an order that is not the same of the one that is on the backside of the cover? There is a particular reason why bands arrange the order of songs in the analog format.


listening music
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Listening Music

“If you tell a guy in the 70’s that you are listening to music with the tracks ordered however you want he’ll tell you that you’re crazy”


I will explain this thing on an article later on, but in little words, the reason for ordering the tracks of an album is because the sound of a vinyl deteriorates as the needle gets further into the end. And just because there were no CDs 40 years ago, all the records made had this thing in mind. So, the heavier songs tend to be in the beginning. Cool thing to know 

Listening Music

Let’s go a step more sentimental, shall we? I see a record, album (or however you wanna call it) like a book. The artists are no writers, but composers of music. They make sure that the opener song is an intro that hits you in your face and knocks you down (most of the times, let’s say more than most if you’re in my same musical niche right?). Every song is a chapter of the book. An album is a story that starts and ends, you have to go through it and don’t just skip the parts ⏩


Let me make an example for you…

Please, take your favorite album and think what I’ve just said. Don’t you see that there is a reason why that song is in the end? Or that one is in the beginning? Or this one after this other? You might be surprised… Trust me 


Hey! If you want to get my point. Have you listened to a concept album? Sure you had! Good. You might now answer this question by yourself. Do you think there is any chance of enjoying “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, Pink Floyd’s masterpiece with their songs disordered? Absolutely not! I say that that would be an insult to the British psychedelic band. My friend, you cannot listen to that with the shuffle on. End of story.


Listening to this one with the shuffle on is a mistake, my friends…


Source: Wikipedia


I might go too far by putting that record for this example, concept albums (and this one more than any other) have, by definition, all their tracks related one with the other. But I hope that you’ll get my point.


What do you think about listening music with the shuffle on?


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