Why I like Frizzle Fry by Primus… and some facts about it!

Les Claypool, frontman of Primus, used this song for introducing a nihilist character, named Frizzle Fry.

“I don’t believe in Santa Claus
I don’t believe in spite”


If you say that someone is fried, it could mean that he’s under the influence of LSD. So basically this song is talking about somebody that doesn’t believe in anything conventional. Just in Captain Church.

“I do believe in Captain Crunch”


When you’ve taken LSD you’re not so interested in having sex. So this line refers to that:

“I have no use for beauty dolls
Especially on this night”


I think that Les Claypool is one of the very few bass players that can make such an epic bass guitar intro. For me, it should be played when warriors are waiting for the moment to attack. To chill before the war. (place the video) Then Les adds his thick paintbrushes and the very subtle guitar sounds like a feather swinging from side to side.

(0:35) What do you think when listening to this? Is this as well? (place the GIF of Willy Wonka)

(0:40) It’s interesting that he sais that the place is irregular. Because I think that this song is like that, it doesn’t mean that is bad obviously but is rare. When it hits you you’ll like it a lot. Les says that this song could introduce the sound of Primus, and I agree.

(1:10) This is not the only Primus song that Les sound is all over the place, but it sounds damn good isn’t it?

(1:35) I would like to point out this cool drum fill that sound very dry. But with a song with so much bass, I think it makes total sense. Nicely done Tim “Herb” Alexander.

Almost in the whole song the guitar and bass are making a different rhythm, but not in this part, when they play together (2:42). That is headbanging, right?

Minute 3:50, the song is about to end? not really

Minute 4:20, the song is about to end? false alarm!

4:30 The guitar solo warns that it’s time to taking things to a new level

4:40 The guitars play a cool solo while bass and drums are on fire

5:20 Larry LaLonde: “Ok, I want some heat as well”

In the end, they achieve to fry the song.