Why I like Bar-X-The Rocking M by The Melvins… and some facts about it!


Bar-X- The Rocking M is kinda short, marking just 2 minutes and 22 seconds. But don’t worry, it is packed with interesting stuff, which we’ll cover shortly.


There is no chorus in this one, just to verses.


I always thought that trumpets and metal go together. And here we have the proof of it (check out the video above). It sounds pretty good, isn’t it? In this case, the exact instrument is a valve trombone, which was played by Dirty Walt, from Fishbone. And he did a pretty nice job on this one in my opinion.


The most interesting part for me, and I assume that most people would agree with me, it’s the interlude (check out the video above). It sounds so quiet, but there are a lot of things going on here. I think that this is accomplished by placing the instruments in the right way.

This is when Buzz tells Dave to twist things up by providing magic mushrooms to the trumpet (check out the video above). Now, let’s be serious ok? That sounds pretty good, isn’t it? Electric guitars and trumpets should be a thing. There is very little music that has them together out there. If you guys know a band that uses this regularly let me know the name of it in the comment section.


In this part, the song is about to die. But the electricity of the DJ brings it back to life. (check out the video above)