Why I like Raping Your Mind by Mr. Bungle… and some facts about it


Since the very start, you can appreciate the advantage of having two guitarists… stereo sound.

Somebody online commented that Mike is making reunions like this one for getting out of his system his heavy side before he wouldn’t be able to deliver such things. I don’t know if he’s close to that. But Patton is in really good shape for screaming as he did on this song. I hope that he’s at least far from being done with this kind of music. I think is pretty impressive to scream like that and still sound ‘on tone’.

(check out the video above)


This guitar riff is not an ‘in your face’ riff. It’s kinda on the background. But it sounds perfect for this song like somebody was cutting something with a saw knife. (check out the video above)


There is a transition that is twice in the song. And it sounds cool, it’s this one. The reason it sounds so good for me it’s because of a hidden ingredient called Trevor. His contribution makes this part sound darker IMO. And it’s just one of the small paintbrushes this song has that makes it a very good unusual heavy track (check out the video above)


I think that it’s very clear that the instrument that stands out the most is the guitars. There’s one solo practically after every single verse. You know those guitar solos that feel like something sharp was entering to your skull when hearing them. This one sounds just like that. (check out the video above)


I think this last part sounds pretty good. Dave with the double bass and Trey being experimental. (check out the video above)