Pneuma by Tool – “Animated” Video


Tool has so many anthems, there is Aenima, Lateralus, Schism, Parabola, The Pot… and in 2019 they introduced Pneuma. This song has every ingredient to be another iconic song of the American band. It´s aggressive, it has meaningful lyrics, mind-blowing transitions… anyway, let’s dive into all of them.


One thing that Tool does pretty well is playing not all the members at the same time all the time. That way it’s way more interesting to hear what each of them is playing, isn’t it? We can appreciate that in the intro of the song. (Watch the video above)


We all know that Danny has quite an interest in basket right? (Watch the video above)


And I think that Adam likes Star Wars… that’s what I’ve been told. (Watch the video above)


The main guitar riff is simple, yet I think that it is one of the most iconic ones on this whole album. (Watch the video above)


For those of you that haven’t check out the definition of Pneuma, it means “breath” or “soul” in ancient Greek. In this part, Keenan says that we, the people, are all in this together, why to ever think that we are in some way different? (Watch the video above)


Hear how cool it sounds Danny’s hist hat in this part. I was wondering what it reminds me of for quite a while. Then one day I was just chilling, hearing the song while drinking a beer and then I figured it out. Right? (Watch the video above)