Why I like Money by Pink Floyd… and some facts about it


We all have to give a lot of credit to Roger Waters for being patient in carefully cut pieces of tapes and paste it together in order to make this amazing, iconic sound. (check out the video above)


Let´s listen to now the whole intro, shall we? (check out the video above)


Just to name a couple, this song has two very characteristic sounds, one is this bass rhythm (0:27), and this guitar paintbrush (check out the video above).


A considerable amount of people says to me that Pink Floyd is in some way hypocrites for making a song that says bad things that money when they had so much money. But really in 1973, the British band was not as rich as people think. They sold almost 40 million copies of The Dark Side Of The Moon, the album that has the song Money. But before that, they were really a ‘normal’ band. And even though they made a lot of cash afterward, I still think that when Roger Waters was writing the lyrics of this song he was referring to other people with power and lots of cash tended to do bad things. But, it’s a song and each and one of us might think whatever we want.


Pink Floyd wanted to experiment with this album, and that is why before the guitar solo we will find a saxophone solo, this song and Us And Them are the only to songs with a Saxo on it (check out the video above)


Through all The Dark Side Of The Moon, the input of Manson was outstanding. I think that in order to be a good drummer you have to hit just at the right time. Less is more sometimes. And Nick only hit a few times during the interlude, but he kept the beat going. (check out the video above)


Gilmour said in an interview with Guitar World that this solo was recorded with a different guitar. the first two solos were performed in a Fender Stratocaster. This one was played in a Lewis that had a whole two octaves on the neck, which led him to play notes that he wouldn’t be able to play on a Stratocaster.