Bungle Grind by Mr. Bungle – “Animated” Video

I’ve listened to The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo for an uncountable amount of times now. Bungle Grind is, at least for now, my favourite song on the album. I will point out the reasons for it in this video.


Banger song deserves a banger intro with a riff that is undoubtedly the most head-banging one on the whole album. (See video above)


I like Patton’s screams because you can see images with them. (See video above)


Mr. Bungle hired Scott Ian because so many reasons, one of them is his palm-muted technique. Which sounds amazing isn’t it? (See video above)


Standing out being a bass player is a tough thing. Standing out like Trevor did here, with metal music is more than let’s say… challenging. His sound reminds me of a mix between Geezer Buttler and Billy Gould. (See video above)


We all know that trey is very creative when he needs to do his solos. (See video above)


Mike doesn’t just sing. He makes all weird sounds, this one is not so weird but I think it stands pretty awesome. (See video above)


One thing that impacted me was the level of seriousness that the guys from California put in the lyrics. Pretty serious right? (See video above)