Interview With Elliot Fullam From Little Punk People

Interview With Elliot Fullam From Little Punk People


There’s a kid that goes all across the US making interviews with legends such as James Hatfield (Metallica), Tom Araya (Slayer), Bobby Blitz (Overkill), David Ellefson (Megadeath), a Nameless Ghoul (Ghost), Ice-T (Buddy Count), Scot Ian (Anthrax)… the list goes on and on.


His name is Elliott Fullam and I asked him if he would make a quick interview for JammingWave and he agreed.


I have to apologize for the quality of the video of the call, the software I used for the recording was not the best one. unfortunately, I released that after the call. Now I know I’m not using it again (just in case you’re wondering, the name of the software is Quicktime). I’ve edited the video and hopefully, it would be good enough for you to enjoy it (the video is above this )


Transcript of the interview with Elliot Fullam from Little Punk People

Me: Elliott thank you for being here with us and welcome to JammingWave.
Elliott: Thanks for having us.


Me: Elliot, you have made quite interesting interviews with very interesting people, do you have a special method for releasing the stress? Or you never get nervous at all?
Elliott: Oh I get pretty nervous before interviews, especially with the one of James Hetfield.
Me: For me, James Hetfield is a legend. If I would be the one making the interview I’ll be shaking. But you do something special before?
Elliott: Well not really, during the interviews I just turn on when I say “It’s Elliot from Little Punk People, Let’s do this” ☺️

Interview With Elliot Fullam From Little Punk People

Interview with Elliot Fullam from Little Punk People James Hetfield

Elliott with James Hetfield


Me: Can you share with us what was your favorite interview and why?
Elliott: The James Hetfield one. Because he is James Hetfield, it’s Metallica, one of the biggest bands ever, definitely my favorite interview ever. I’ve made lots of other cool interviews in the past also like, Ice-T from Body Count.
Me: Yes, I’ve seen that one, but the one with James stands out from the others, you’re right.


Elliott Fullam from little punk people with ice-t
Elliott with Ice-T

Interview With Elliot Fullam From Little Punk People

Me: I like your jean jacket. Do you have a favorite patch of it?
Elliot: My mom is gonna get it. I have lots of patches. I have the Iron Maiden draw in the back. One that I like a lot is the old fashion Megadeth.


Me: You and your family own a brand called Little Punk People. There is a lot of cool works of art back there. Who is the responsible of it?
Elliott: My Mom and my Dad. The main artist is my Mom. I do some things also.


Me: Have you ever traveled outside the US?
Elliott: No, but I wish. there are lots of places where I want to travel to. Like Europe, all sort of places.
Me: Where do you like to go for vacations?
Elliott: For vacations, I like to go to the beach. Yeah, I prefer the beach.


Me: Do you have a certain hobby? Like driving the bike? Or juggling?
Elliott: I like guitar, lots of stuff. I like to draw sometimes. Take photos with my Dad, lots of stuff. And interviewing.
Me: So your whole life is a hobby.
Elliott: Basically ☺️


Me: I’ve seen that you play guitar. Do you have a band?
Elliott: My dad and I play. But in the future, I would like to start a band of something heavier 


Me: What do you like to eat?
Elliott: My Mom prepares delicious food. Y love the pepper steak that she makes, she makes awesome vegan sausages.


Me: You like Rock, Metal, Punk, but if you have to go for just one music genre, which will be?
Elliott: It would be Metal. Even though we are “Little Punk People” we also love metal here. I’m starting to get into death metal, black metal recently I’m getting into that type of stuff.


Me: You listen to a lot of music from the 80s. Is there a new band that you like?
Elliott: Killer Mike, he’s a rapper. He is really fun, he’s an awesome rapper. He got all type of styles. Like rap from the 90s and new Rap.


Me: If you have to choose 3 bands, your 3 favorite bands. Could you do it?
Elliott: I will do Metallica, King Diamond, and Queen.
Me: Oh, good, very good.
Elliott: Thank you! I also like Radiohead.


Me: I’ve seen your Black Sabbath’s shirt. You went on their last tour. That must have been legendary, to see them live for the very last time.
Elliott: I loved them. I didn’t get to see the very last concert. We see them twice. The first concert we were on the side, and the second one we were in the fields. We loved it. It was once in New York and once in New Jersey.
Me: Oh, pretty cool, twice. Yes right, because their last show was in Birmingham, their native city. Can you tell that that was your favorite concert ever?
Elliott: It wasn’t my favorite concert, it’s a close second. But, Metallica concert 🙂
Me: You really are a Metallica fan.
Elliott: Yeah!
Me: Who isn’t?
Elliott: Right! 🙂 I’ve gone to lots of different shows though. Like Radiohead was a good one, I went to Iron Maiden, Overkill.


Me: You play guitar, you do interviews, you act. How do you see yourself in the future? Do you want to make something in particular? Or just keep doing all of them?
Elliott: Guitar… It has to be one of them. If not all of them ☺️


Me: There is anything you would like to add? To say?
Elliott: It was pretty nice meeting you. It was a fun interview, very exciting. Nice to meet you. It is nice to know that I have a couple of fans in other countries. All around the world.
Me: you can come and visit in Europe when you wish.
Elliott: ☺️ I will be totally down for that.
Me: There’s a lot of music festivals. Cool music festivals like Download, Rock Am Ring.
Elliott: I would love that!


Me: Thank you for being here with us.

Interview With Elliot Fullam From Little Punk People

interview with elliott fullam from little punk people
Photo: Kevin Wilson

Interview With Elliot Fullam From Little Punk People

I would like to close this article by thanking Justin, Daniela, and Elliot from Little Punk People for making this interview possible 


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