Cheap And Easy Method For Cleaning Vinyl Records

Cheap Way For Cleaning Vinyl Records

Do you want to start a vinyl collection? Or maybe you have one and you want it to last the more time possible. Great! Learn this method for cleaning vinyl records. Remember that the process of reproducing vinyl it is so delicate that even a tiny particle resting on the surface of the record can damage its reproduction. That is why you have to take good care of your records. For having the best listening experience possible. And not only that! While CDs are read by the player with a laser, when it comes to vinyl, the stylus needs to physically touch the surface of the record. With that said you are also taking good care of your turntable by keeping your collection as clean as possible.


I will share with you a method that I have for cleaning vinyl. I have come out with it thanks to a huge research online of different methods. After some days of consolidating all the different strategies out there, I’ve concluded that this is maybe one of the best, easy, and cheap ways to do it. To be honest, the things you need for this method are probably in your home.


Because I think that this is a crucial thing to do, I will share what are the benefits of each step of this process.

Cleaning Vinyl Records

What you’ll need:

  • 2 Microfibre cloths
  • 1 Cotton fiber t-shirt
  • 1 Painting brush
  • Distilled water
  • Glass cleaner liquid
  • 1 Small glass or bowl
  • 1 Vacuum cleaner
  • 1 Velvet cloth

Cleaning Vinyl Records

We are going to clean for this example this record:


Cleaning Vinyl Records
Source: Prog Sphere



  • Place the microfibre cloth on a clean surface and put that dirty nasty vinyl above it
  • In a small glass or bowl pour the distilled water and the glass cleaner liquid. Try to make a half water half cleaner liquid mix.
  • Shake the liquid with the brush.
  • Wipe the surface of the record with the brush previously submerged in the cup with the cleaning liquid. Don’t worry, the vinyl won’t get scratched. Be aware of not getting wet the label of the disc.
  • With the other microfibre cloth, clean the surface of the record. Make sure that all the side of the record is brushed.  This will release some dust, and most importantly, stains that are possible (very possible if we are talking about an used record) to be found on the vinyl.
  • Dry the liquid of the disc with the help of your cotton shirt. Same as before, be sure to go through all the surface.
  • Now that you have finished one side, is time for getting wet the other one.
  • We are almost done, now it is the turn of the vacuum.
  • I personally use and suggest to use a T head of the vacuum tube for cleaning your vinyl. Wrap it with the velvet cloth and firmly hols it with your hands. Turn the vacuum on on a power level that is high enough that the tube will suck and stick to the record, but low enough that will allow you to easily move the record in a circular pattern. This will depend on your vacuum model, but for mine is the level 2 out of 4. Again, be sure to aspirate the surface of the record from start to finish. I usually like to take one spot of the label that will help me to guide me, for example, I start with the logo of the band and I finish on the same spot. This final step will ensure to dry out your record completely and, with the help of the velvet the static of the record will be partially released.

Cleaning Vinyl Records


There are a couple of things that I will suggest to do in order for listening music in a better way.

  1. Store your vinyl in plastic sleeves. They will keep your record out of scratches and they transmit less static compared to paper sleeves. If your record comes with a paper sleeve with lyrics of pictures, I obviously recommend to keep it and store the vinyl with the plastic sleeve inside it.
  2. Before listening to your record, brush your stylus from forward to back, this will ensure your stylus is cleaner and without dust before the listening. With a microfiber brush, clean the surface of the record after turning on your turntable, this will release the static of the record and get off the dust of it.

Where the plastic sleeves and brush can be found? In   Amazon or any local record store of your town. They are very cheap and it is highly recommended to use them in order to keep your vinyl clean and listen to your music in the best possible way.


In conclusion. I hope that this article will help you in your musical experience. If you have any question or have a suggestion for improving my method let me know what is it by commenting below or send me an email.