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Dave Grohl – Play



Dave is one of the only artists to achieve huge success with two bands… while playing different instruments. I have admired what he has done through his career.

Personally, I love instrumental songs. To me the most exciting ingredient of songs is instruments. And the longer the song is the more I use to like it.

Mr. Grohl planned to make a 20-something minute instrumental song where he was in charge of playing all the instruments. Saying that… it seems that this might be the perfect song for my taste right?

The name of the song is Play. If you look the video on YouTube it starts with a mini-documentary with young musicians are interviewed. Showing to us the next generation of artists. A very nice touch.

Dave Grohl – Play

dave grohl play
dave grohl

Then Dave hits the studio and starts to…. just Play, just like the name of his huge instrumental experiment.

The song has a lot of mood changes that makes it interesting to hear. The part of it where I like the most is …(fill) the very quiet part where you can hear the drums blending with the bass guitar, it sounds beautiful in my opinion.

Anyhow, there are some changes that don’t sound so great. like this part (fill). For me, that sounds odd and sloppy.

I have heard this song like 4-6 times and I get what Foo Fighters frontman wanted to achieve. In my opinion, long songs need to be exciting, have crazy sounds that keep you awake while listening to it. My most favorite song of Pink Floyd is Echoes (fill minutes) and I like it so much because it has that part (fill solo bass and David) just to name one part of this masterpiece.

I admire what Dave has done, he played to a lot of gear, one by one, for 23 minutes. That is amazing. But I expected more from this song. I think Dave is an amazing musical architect, composer, and performer. But when you hear Foo Fighters, a band which I’m a fan of, there is a lot of tiny contributions by the other members, a thing that makes a huge impact in the end.

What do you think about this song? Let me know in the comment section.

Dave Grohl – Play

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