Why vinyl will always be better than digital audio

First of all, I would like to explain the title of this article and why I wanted to talk about this. I’m not saying here the technical reason why the vinyl format is the best one for storing music. I will say though why for me is the best one, (most of the time anyway!).


DISCLAIMER!: I know that digital audio has more dynamic range than vinyl. But in this video, I will share why I prefer vinyl putting the audio on aside.


My cousin told me one time: why do you buy vinyl? It cost more, it’s bigger, it requires more maintenance, and in the end, it sounds worse than a CD.


Let’s take the Mona Lisa as an example. Why do so many people travel to Paris, spend tons of money on their stay, just to go and see a painting? How many replicas are out there of the masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci? I’m pretty sure that there are other paintings that are in better shape. Yet millions of people bother to go and see the original painting.


When I listen to vinyl it’s not like I just magically hear it before doing something else. I go and search the vinyl I want to listen to. I look at the artwork, take the disc out of the sleeve, if there are some extra media such as photo or lyrics I go ant check them out, I place the record on my turntable, clean the stylus, turn on the turntable, clean the record, and finally, drop the needle. One thing that I don’t like about CDs is that they disappear in the playback. I think that watching the vinyl spinning adds to the atmosphere something magical, at least in my opinion.


How cool it is to know that lying in my house there is a disc of wax that has a groove that sounds unbelievable when placing a stylus on top of it. Does that sound like magic to you as well?


To my cousin, I answered: For me listening to music is not just about the sound, it’s about the experience. The maintenance that vinyl requires, which is a lot, ads more value to the experience, that is obviously what happens to me, what I’ve witnessed after my experiences. So many people botter to travel and see the Mona Lisa, and no one is pointing any fingers on them. Why there are so many vinyl haters?