What makes a band a good band?


If I have to think or do something I like to ask myself before taking action. Is this going to affect someone negatively? Am I doing this for the benefit of someone or just for myself?


What I like about music is that, to me, it has no rule whatsoever. Things can get crazy very crazy.


I tend to argue with people some times about this subject, what makes a band a good band. For some people, it’s live performances, for some other is technical skils, and there are people that prefer songwriting. A friend of mine tells me: a band is a good band when they release good songs.


Even though I think that all the requirements are needed to make a band be critically acclaimed, I think that the only thing that is necessary to achieve such prestige is that the band needs to touch you… and I don’t mean that you pervert. I mean that an artist needs to craft a sound that is good enough or have enough emotional matter that makes you feel good. If you remember a good thought, calm down when listening to a band… that’s all there is to it.


It sounds so simple, but yet, not a lot of bands tend to achieve such a thing.
There is no simple rule to be a reputable band. I think that an artist should just follow his gots and compose sounds that have a meaning. That’s it.


I do not think that in order to be a good band you need to be very successful, sell millions of records and tour worldwide. Music is subjective, and this is something that most people don’t realize, or tend to forget.


I used to discuss with people that like different bands and genres than me. I don’t do that anymore if someone prefers Slayer over Metallica, that’s ok. Who am I to judge about the way of thinking of somebody else?


The beauty of music is that there is no judge on it. The judge is yourself. And you are the only one that decides if a kind of music is good for you or not.


Wrapping things out, a good band is good if it touches you someway, and the band must follow no rules whatsoever. Being a subjective thing, and having so many people with different cultures and believes, there are consumers out there for any flavor.


Tell me in the comment section if you agree with me. I would like to know that.


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