Tool – Fear Inoculum Song Review

It took me a few days to digest this song. It is not an easy one to swallow. For me and for many Tool fans the first time I listen to it I didn’t like it much. Maybe it’s because I was expecting so much after 13 years of not hearing anything new from the band from LA, or maybe it’s because of the complexity of it, which is not noticeable on the first listens.


For those of you who don’t know the meaning on Fear Inoculum, Inoculum is “a substance used for inoculation” and inoculation is “the action of inoculating or of being inoculated; vaccination”. With that said, Fear Inoculum is something you inoculate to a body to make it repellant to fear. You can hear through the whole song lyrics that go with the title, like “Contagion, I exhale you”, “Bless this immunity”, “Purge me and evacuate the venom and the fear that binds me”. So on and so forth. And, have I mention the outstanding melodies that Maynard has performed? It is unbelievable how this guy can take his voice and make it an instrument. For me, he was born to be in this band. And also the other three members 🙂


The song goes in crescendo, it has so many phases that increase its intensity. It starts with timbal sounding drums, and a catchy and grooving bass guitar that will stick in your head for ages, that is so normal of Justin Chancellor’ work. You don’t realize and all of a sudden you’re in minute 9 with fat distortion riffs and heavy drum fills.


Adam and Daney said that their new music is about getting old, but this is not meaning they are lowering the energy and intensity obviously. That meant that they are in a point where they’ll deliver whatever they want, whatever they feel comfortable with.


Fans are comparing this new music from Tool with their 2001 album Lateralus, I would agree, it’s similar, but not the same of course. The amazing drum parts form Danney Carrey are similar than the 3rd studio album, but for me is more like his drum kit is moving in jarring cycles underwater. (Hear this part).


I know that this is not new in Tool’s music. But something bands don’t realize is that less is more. When guitarist hit a note, there’s sound, and it’s the most noticeable part of the sound. But that doesn’t end there, there’s the part where the sound goes away, where the guitar breaths. And Adam Jones is very good in letting it’s instrument rest until the note goes away.


Next week the new album, which name will be the same as this song will be released, and I can’t wait to have it on my hands and give it a full listen. The song Fear Inoculum ends with a lot of intensity, and I’m so curious to see what they got on the other tracks.