Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

If there is one band that stayed strong from album one and keeps gaining power release after release, it’s Slipknot. There are albums that are better than the other, but I don’t think the band from Iowa has released a bad record, at least in my opinion, All Hope Is Gone is not one that I would particularly buy for example, but it still has very interesting songs there. Right?

Slipknot comes back in 2019 with a new album, entitled “We Are not Your Kind”, and obviously. new masks. They also have a new member, the known-as tortilla man, who’s stepped in after having a financial dispute with Fenh.

From what I’ve heard interviews of Corey and Clown in the past years, I was expecting a concept album. Clown said that the intention of the band was to do something never done before, a Sr.Pepper record with Knot flavor. Let’s see if the songs have that intention, shall we?


Track by Track:

1. Insert Coin 1:38: Clown said that Slipknot would like to make something similar than stg Pepper’s. You can find that here, this is the start, cover of a book. An intro that

2.”Unsainted” 4:20: The real, first single of the album. You can tell that this song has way more power than singles from Chapter 5. But the rhythm and flavor are very similar. Thankfully the rest of the album has a different approach in my opinion,

3.”Birth of the Cruel” 4:35: If a little dude that has no idea of how to name his mother dance with this song. It’s no brainer that the grooves that are presented here are very catchy and noticeable.

4. “Death Because of Death” 1:20: There are two intros or interludes. This the one that I like the least. But…

5. “Nero Forte” 5:15: This must be my favorite song of the album. It’s very cool, very very cool to hear a very sweet voice for the chorus and Corey as an angry pitbull behind. Corey is a genius. I would have to praise the percussion as well on this track, but that’s normal in a good Slipknot song.

6. “Critical Darling” 6:25: Even though this song might not be considered as a ballad… The sweetness of the chorus will stick in your hear after the first play.

7. “Liar’s Funeral” 5:27: I’ve heard from respectful critics that this song misses instruments in empty spaces. I bet to disagree that. I love when albums have one, or at most two songs with the intention of this one, to create some space. A band like Slipknot with 9 instruments have very intense songs. Track seven is here to calm the ambient but to keep you awake, cuz is not a soft song all the way through.

8. “Red Flag” 4:11: I’ve heard online that this album has a song that is equally in intensity than wait and bleed. For me is the one. I imagine the pows that will be made in live shows in this part. (in the video put the comment that we can only display 15 seconds for copyright… and that thing)

9. “What’s Next” 0:53: Out of the two intro songs, this is my favorite because it has this transition…

10. “Spiders” 4:03.. that intro was awesome, right? I see this song like a space on the record that every member of the band a few seconds to show what they got. (visualize the different parts)

11. “Orphan” 6:01: Creppy start that goes along with the creepy title. If Corey said that this album was Iowa heavy. This is proof of it. Seet!

12. “My Pain” 6:48: In some records, there are slow tempo, electronic and creepy songs like this one. I have to say that I’m a fan of these. This is Slipknot version of Mr.Bungle Golem II. Don’t you think?

13. “Not Long for This World” 6:35: If you found a catchy verse before this song. This one has it, It comes in with the drums. You hear that rhythm and it will stay in your hear for a while.

14. “Solway Firth” 5:56: Because this is the last song, you can read the back cover, after 1 hour Corey is still counting the same thing…This is the second single and can introduce you more in what is coming next, the thing is that this is the last song. Can you hear this without headbanging?


My feedback: Yeah, you could tell after hearing this album a few times that the Knot members wanted to deliver something that they have never, ever delivered. This is a very ambitious album in my opinion. and from the bottom of my conscious opinion, I think that TINYK can be easily in the top 4 albums made by Slipknot.