Meliora – Ghost

Meliora – Ghost


Deaf Opinion:

Had heard a few Ghost’s songs before putting any hands on this album. This is a gothic – rock band that makes you dance inside a church wearing black a black jacket. Knowing very little about the band make me felt no big expectations from this record, which is awesome at some point because that gives you a deafer opinion.

Meliora – Ghost

Song By Song:

1 – Spirit [5:15]: There’s a mummy babbling at the beginning, very unique way to start a record right? Then the creepy mummy freezes while the riffs kick in. The spirits seem to have something to say in the chorus. The guitar solo is particular and this happens in a lot of Ghost’s songs, it helps the spirits of the deaths move freely, surrounding you, living being 🙂

2 – From The Pinnacle To The Pit [4:02]:  This intro really gets my attention. The bass guitar, which is there all through the track with the same rhythm, represents the missteps you made, those that will get you from the top (pinnacle) to the bottom (pit). As I have said in the previous song, the guitars of this band really speak. The sound of the second one represents a twister that is pulling down even further to you. Don’t get me wrong, it is a long way to the ground, so it takes a while, but in the end, you’ll get your face smashed into the ground.

3 – Cirice [6:02]: Creepy (in the best of ways) start. Papa Emeritus (vocals) is performing a religious activity in a 1540’s church. The first minute of this track is an introduction to him. The strange thing about this situation is that this act is performed for just one person only. He is tall, black and long hair, beard and blue eyes. You can see from the outside of this guy that he is broken in every single way in the inside. He has killed too many times, there is a big strength that is pulling him to perform this acts. He is aware that there is something wrong with him. Fortunately for everybody, Papa Emeritus has the power to clean his body. The guitar solo represents small bees that will get inside the guy to kill the force that is possessing him. By the time the songs ends, he throws up and he’s free again. This is like a weird confession if you desire to see it from that way.

4 – Spöksonat (Ghost Sonata) [0:56]: The clock is ticking, the time seems to arrive several times. But it never does.

5 – He Is [4:13]: There’s a troop of Indians cultivating all kinds of fruit and vegetables in their soils. There’s a particular anthem they sing for a God, the anthem is this song. It is particular because they only sing it while dancing around the cultivated lands.

6 – Mummy Dust [4:07]: There’s a ants race… the queen is in danger. Due to the rush of the escape, the queen felt and hurt her ankle. Fred is not the strongest ant, but he’s the closest one to the accident of the majestic, so he needs to carry her. He’s tired and slow, but the guitar solo charges his battery and he’s ready to make the final steps to the goal.

7 – Majesty [5:24]: A classic cool riff on the start, and then sounds like Jordan Rudess was on the keyboard… but the Papa used too much beer for convincing him to play with them. I fell this song was recorded in a very cloudy environment. The guitars are used for violently penetrate the clouds, and the final drum solo, in the end, was there for shaking the remaining ones.

8 – Devil Church [1:06]: The queen ant in the 6th track didn’t make it really, this is her happy funeral.

9 – Absolution [4:50]: If the Titanic had a Death Gothic song, this should be the one. It’s not the Di Caprio story, not, but is from another regular passenger. In the very first second of this one, you’ll hear the final crack of the boat and how it immerse in the sea. Papa suggests him to show his hand. His final is not the same as the ant, at least for now. He makes it through. All thanks to Papa Emeritus.

10 – Deus in Absentia [5:37]: The intro sounds like a drunk faster version of Time from Pink Floyd. Then you realize, obviously, that this is another song completely different. I imagine the Pope singing this song in front of a 15 years age audience. He is explaining all the demons that everybody fantasizes about are real. And they are going after every alive person. This song has so many different parts, seems like 3 songs stuck together it sounds cool.

Meliora – Ghost

The Good and the Bad

The Good: This band has a gothic/metal style that sounds unique. They have found their tone, which is fundamental for all successful artists. This album is full of different tunes and effects. You will fell you’re inside a church of a death metal religion when you’ll hear it. I want to buy the vinyl of this one, the sound of it intrigues me. 

The Bad: I didn’t know too if I should tell this opinion, It is very personal of mine. I think the voice and sounds are way to technologic and the voice of Papa Emeritus sounds fake when you’ll hear it for long periods of time. This is one of those bands that sounds better live in my opinion :O

Meliora – Ghost

My 3 Favourite Songs: 

  • From The Pinnacle To The Pit
  • Mummy Dust
  • Absolution

Meliora Ghost

Meliora - Ghost
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Meliora – Ghost

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