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Deaf Opinion

I heard Stone Sour’s Audio Secrecy long time ago, in 2011, one year after it was released. I expected to hear a kind of a better digestive Slipknot… yes… at that time I didn’t like Slipknot… you know the saying young and stupid right?

Stone Sour

Song By Song:

1 – Audio Secrecy [1:44]: nothing much to say really, it is just a stuttering piano note with few other sounds in the back

2 – Mission Statement [3:51]: the previous song has more sense now, it was there just to confuse you and not being prepared for this start. Ok, there is the farm, and Corey has an 80’s megaphone, unfortunately, the pigs are escaping from their cages. Weird? I have to say that Corey sings here with three (or more) different tones, and that’s cool

3 – Digital (Did you tell) [4:00]: The Sour on the name of the band goes for the start of this song? maybe. I imagine a Rocky of the 23rd century when I hear this one. He punches in the drum’s rhythm. In his transparent house on the hill.

4 – Say You’ll Haunt Me [4:24]: The first impression is a foot massage. The song has interesting highs and lows, in the second chorus there is some heavy stuff and afterward, there’s the solo. Pretty cool song. Even though I dislike the lonely lyrics.

5 – Dying [3:01]: There you go, Corey! You have fund how to sound 10 years younger… with an acoustic guitar and nothing else… you sound good 😉 The beginning of this song is played in a balcony. I can fell that the guitar solo represents a bunch of needles hurting the couple that is dying while living together.


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Song By Song (continued):

6 – Let’s Be Honest [3:44]: You are in NY city, you’re wearing a black sweater, it’s raining, you are running until you get tired. You stop, and some robbers are going to mug you. You’re upset and wet… and in this part, you scream at them (the part of the screaming, obviously). The thieves escape because you scream so scary and gorgeous at the same time they panic.  The screaming, in the end, is just to celebrate your victory, of course.

7 – Unfinished [3:10]: Ok Ok Ok. there you go the sourness. This song was FOR SURE inspired in a very frustrated butcher that spends all his time cutting all kinds of animals and getting as bloody as hell. He never stops cutting because he wants the relationship he has with the animals will be never finished…..Unfinished. he is so tired that at the end of the song you can hear him exhale… but he won’t stop

8 – Hesitate [4:16]: This is a love story of two astronauts. they fell in love in the earth, but when they went into space the love story is not the same as it was before. Corey’s voice with the helmet sounds gray.

9 – Nylon 6/6 [3:38]: Enough with ballads ok? Taylor thought that he was in his other band at the beginning but then his voices get tender. You can hear the sound of the guitars are needling the nylon from one side to another. At first, I thought that they’re where attaching parts of the human body, but then, If you listen the minute 2:15 you can hear that they were building a huge bass guitar and it sounds… like it is: huge!

Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy

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Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy

Song By Song (continued):

10 – Miracles [4:07]: This was recorded in a galactic tavern owned by Johnny Cash’s great great grandson. I know that I have been talking a lot about space but is just how I fell it 

11 – Pieces [4:31]: Corey had definitely the flew on this one, or maybe he had a bad hangover and he decided to record this one on the beach whit the shining sun above him. If you don’t think like me listen the part of the “Open up the sun and burn my eyes”

12 – The Bitter End [3:34]: The drum kicking and the engines start. This is a truck’s race. The race gets ugly and the guy you support suffers a massively crash… but he magically survives. The ride from here is easy and you can’t see his opponents, he crosses the finish line without a problem. Then you realize that it was all a product of your imagination. Your guy left his soul in the crash. There you have your bitter end.

13 – Imperfect [4:22]: There you can see the seashore and there are eggs on it, one of each member. They are performing this song inside, before having even breath for the first time. By the time of the solo, the turtles come out of the eggs and enjoy their new adventure in the sea.

14 – Threadbare [5:47]: Are my headphones wrong or this track sounds like there is a big screen of dust at first? Don’t worry, by the 3rd minute the drum gets rid of the dust and it’s clear again 🙂 At the end of the song, Corey get’s mad because he’s losing money on the worm he betted on the race… too bad for him.

Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy

What I liked and what I didn’t about Stone Sour’s Audio Secrecy

The Good: Solid album, with very good singles. We can enjoy it songs that starts low and then go aggressive and vice versa.

The Bad: Stone Sour is made with a lot of exceptional professionals. Even if they miss one of them in a tour, like it happened with their drummer being sick, they replace him with Mike Portnoy. Not bad at all. But that doesn’t always mean that they sound exceptionally great all together combined. A terrific band must have a soul, a sound that represents them, and, I think this album and this band, unfortunately, lacks that. I think that that has to do that all the decisions are taken by Corey, which I think is great because we love Corey. But sometimes you have to have more flavors on the plate to make it delicious and not just good.

Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy

My 3 Favourite Songs:

  • Say You’ll Haunt Me
  • Dying
  • Let’s Be Honest


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