Korn – Barcelona, Spain 2017

Why have I attended? I can’t say that I am more fan of Korn now than when I was 15 years old. But I have to say that this band got my attention once again with their newest album, The Serenity Of Suffering. They seemed to have merged the old school Korn with the new one, and fortunately for us, they only have taken the good thing of the newest 😛 This bad tends to perform songs from all their career, so why not to go? Only hearing Blind live will make it worth it. They did set the price of the ticket a bit high though.



1 – Right Now
2 – Here to Stay
3 – Rotting in Vain
4 – Somebody Someone
5 – Word Up! (Cameo cover)
6 – Coming Undone (with a snippet of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”)
7 – Insane
8 – Y’All Want a Single
9 – Make Me Bad
10 – Shoots and Ladders (with a snippet of Metallica’s One)
Extra: Drum Solo
11 – Blind
12 – Twist
13 – Good God
14 – Falling Away From Me
15 – Freak on a Leash


What did I like about this gig? Have you taken 2 minutes to read the setlist above? Oh my God! What a night I had! The first time I saw Korn live was in Download Festival, back in 2013. I remembered that they sounded good, they take care of sound quality in their performances. On this concert, when the openers over their show, the sound check guys when into the stage, and man, the sound of the drum is very particular of this band, it makes your heart beat in its rhythm. The lights in all concert really got my attention also (check out my posts from Instagram below ;)) I was situated in the center and 20 meters (65 feet), so I could really appreciate the sound and vision of the gig completely.


What would I have preferred? When the concert ended, I told the friend that was with me that I would have preferred more songs, that it would have been better if Korn could entertain us for 30 minutes more or so. But then I saw to the setlist once again, and sure, there are some songs that are missing for me, but that will happened in every concert right? The only negative thing I might say is that the band members didn’t show a connection with the crowd, and I’m sorry but this really matters for me. It wouldn’t matter only if you have the style and skills of Joe Bonamassa 😛


And what about the openers? The openers were Hellyeah and Heaven Shall Burn. I have just listened to the name of the first band and that’s about it. Heaven Shall Burn seemed to me more interesting, they are German and their style intrigues me. The frontman was in a red shirt (not t-shirt… a shirt, but without tie ;)). I think I might listen to their work some time.


Social shots!


Heaven Shall Burn was the first opener:

Then Hellyeah

Habe you heard #Hellyeah? They where one of the openers for#Korn. And they where OK #music #gig #concert #rock

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And Korn…

#Korn nailed it! #SomebodySomeone, #MakeMeBad and #FallingAwayFromMe where one of my favorites #music #rock #concert #gig #jammin

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… made us blind! 

Great show of #Korn it was like 98′ all ober again! #Blind #music #rock #concert #gig #jammin

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