Avenged Sevenfold – Sheffield, England 2017

Avenged Sevenfold live concert

Why have I attended?

I have been following A7X’s steps since months after Jimmy passed away. Yes, it took me quite a bit to me to listen to this band. And honestly, since I had, I’ve been a fan of them. When “The Stage” came out it blew my mind. A great conceptual album with songs that are “out”. When I say “out”, I mean that they really went experimental this time. A lot of highs and lows, kind of like a City of Evil from the space rather than hell. I liked this record so much that I’ve not only purchased a ticket for seeing them live for “The Stage World Tour”, but I made a trip to Sheffield, England to see them (I’m currently living in Barcelona, Spain). So yep, I really wanted to see their approach to the fans with this work.



1 – The Stage

2 – Afterlife

3 – Hail To The King

4 – Paradigm

5 – To End The Rapture

6 – Chapter Four

7 – Buried Alive

8 – Angels

9 – Nightmare

10 – God Damn

11 – Almost Easy

Extra: Drum Solo

12 – Sunny Disposition

13 – Warmness On The Soul (Instrumental Version)

14 – Planets

15 – Acid Rain


16 – Bat Country

17 – A Little Piece Of Heaven

18 – Unholy Confessions

Avenged sevenfold live concert 

What did I like about this gig?

I had the privilege to attend to this show in the VIP section. This was a revolutionary experience for me. I was, with just other 14 dudes and dudettes, in a section that was on the left side of the stage. It was quite a bit like sharing the stage with Avenged. For you to understand the level of closeness I was from the band, I will tell you an experience I had: By the end of the 4th song, I was thirsty for all the jumping and singing, and I saw Johnny Christ (bass guitar) drinking water and I said to him “Johnny, would you give me some water?” and he said “Sure!” and gave me one bottle. It was different from every single gig I’ve attended. I liked the fact that they came out and performed with all they got (as usual). One thing that I’ve enjoyed the most was having Brooks (drums) so close that I heard him perfectly without the need of the speakers. And damn! he sounds good. You might have noticed that after Almost Easy he did a solo. It was a good and enjoyable solo, but what impresses me the most is that he performs a different solo in every single show. And they play 3 – 4 times per week. So… pretty impressive.

PS: check out the photos of my social media below this article to notice one of the best things about VIP tickets.


What would I have preferred?

As I’ve mentioned before, I was really on the stage. The good thing about that you’ve heard it above this. The bad thing about not being in the crowd is that the sound is not well distributed, this is normal to happen, of course. I could hear the lower sounds perfectly, but the voices and Syn’s (guitar) solos were difficult no notice in some cases, and it’s a shame. Avenged shows for this tour are full of colorful screens that project different videos for every single song. And since I was on the stage, I couldn’t enjoy them that much. One thing that I think Avenged Sevenfold must improve is the duration of the shows. You might say: They play for almost 2 hours, it’s enough! They perform 3 or 4 times per week, it’s impossible to do 3 hours gigs! Yes, all that is true, but… They are at the peak of their career, they are 36, 38 years old… If they don’t do shows of more than 2 hours, like Metallica (did), or Foo Fighters and Paul McCartney do… When are they?


And what about the openers?

I’ve just heard the name of the Swedish band In Flames and barely heard some singles from them. They were the first band to come on the stage. They have impressed me with some grooves, I’m going to hear more from them soon. The second opener was nothing more, nothing less than Disturbed. Wow! they delivered the power I was expecting. There was just a problem with the sound of David’s (vocal) voice in my opinion. But anyway, they sounded good. Lots of headbanging here!


Social shots!

“Playing” with ZackyV’s guitar


Even though this photos didn’t come out perfectly, they still worth to be shared 


This photo came out a bit better right? 

Hanging out with M. Shadows. I had a blast! #avengedsevenfold #a7x #thestageworldtour #thestage #mshadows #mshadow

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In Flames where the first openers:

Listening @inflames live. Not bad! #inflames #metal #rock #music

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And after them… Disturbed 

Doctors should prescribe live music. Don’t you think? @disturbed #disturbed #prayer #thestageworldtour

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