Atreyu – In Our Wake Album Review

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After 3 years of the release of Long Live, the pioneers of Metalcore, or, according to vocalist Alex, the inventors of this music genre, Atreyu have released their 7th studio Album. And is it called “In Our Wake”


The record was produced by John Feldmann, the same guy that worked with “Lead Sails Paper Anchor”, the studio album that the Californian band released in 2007. Alex and Brandon, who are responsible for the vocals of Atreyu’s music, showed very pleased with the work they have done with Long Live, but after receiving lots of comments of the fans that loved what they have done with “Lead Sails Paper Anchor”. Brandon said that “It made us revisit that era of the band. It was a fun, experimental, and explorative time for us, which is so fun. We wanted to give ourselves and the landscape of heavy music a jolt, so we reached out to Feldmann.”


The title of the album, “In Our Wake”, refers to all the things we left behind in our lives. Either if they are good or bad, we always left some mark. In the recording process, the deaths of Chriss Cornell and Chester Bennington were very recent. So the name of this album was inspired by them.


Track by track – In Our Wake


In Our Wake
From the very first 30 seconds of this record, you could tell that Atreyu betted for experimenting new stuff. Starting with the fact that Alex is not screaming in all the parts. But he does scream for remembering Dan to play the guitar solo. BTW, if you have the chance to see the video of this single. Do it, it is very interesting

House Of Gold
Even though it is a small touch, I think the best thing about this song comes from this two electric beats, setting this song apart from just another one

The Time Is now
Have you ever listened to an Atreyu’s song where Brandon’s voice was higher than Axel’s? The second single of this album is one of them

Nothing Will Ever Change
If you are feeling lazy for any reason whatsoever listen to this song. This is not just a heavy song. It has those touches that make Atreyu an awesome band. This is by far my most favorite song of In Our Wake. In fact, I think is the best one I’ve heard so far this year

Blind Deaf & Dumb
Mix Atreyu and Beastie Boys in a blender and what do you get?

I’m not a big fan of ballads made by this band. And it seems that this is just another one. But… I was wrong

Safety Pin
I can see the starting of this song been played in a UFC fight. I would like to point out the guitar solo on this song. We have enjoyed Dan Jacobs amazing solos for a long time ago. But his approach on this song shows us that he can still sound amazing and contribute to the song with just a few notes played in a slower than usual tempo

Into The Open
This song has one aggressive part. An, in my opinion, this album needs a few more of it (3:00 try not to headbang)

Paper Castle
Have I mentioned how awesome sounds Alex voice with a nice riff behind?

No Control
And with a bass guitar sound good as well right?

Anger left behind
This song has the perfect example of why I liked this band in the first place. It is because of this bittersweet combination between both vocalists. In my opinion, it sounds amazing

Super Hero
The last song of the record is the one that comes more from the bottom heart of the Californian band. Atreyu confessed that they wanted to make a song dedicated to their sons. Being them the Super Heros. for adding the cherry on top of this song, and of this album, they invited Aaron and M Shadows from bands Underoath and Avenged Sevenfold respectively. They writhed parts of the lyrics and sang them. These bands are well known for being good friends of Atreyu, and being both parents, it seemed a no-brainer. This is my second favorite song, it was the perfect way of ending this album, well done.


My verdict of Atreyu’s In Our Wake

I have always been attracted to the bitter side of Atreyu, and being Long Live, the predecessor of In Our Wake, a heavier album, makes it more my kind of album. But I have to recognize that the metalcore pioneers have done a hell of a job. I am very happy that they have reunited 4 years ago for delivering these two amazing records. I hope they keep experimenting in the upcoming years. Atreyu is one of those very few bands that I keep missing to see live, maybe that will change very soon.


atreyu in our wake


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