What is music?

What is music for me?

Music is every sound that makes your body change physically. Is that guitar solo that makes you goosebump, that lyric that makes you scream, those grooves that make you headbang, those drums that make you jump.

Music evolves from the time it’s released from the source. It travels through the air to change the life of the receiver. The better it is, the more life-changing effect it will have.

I’ve created JammingWave to prove my point to this world. I want to share my musical feelings worldwide, and not just that, I want thousands, millions of people do the same.  A simple melody can connect to different cultures. Harmonies can clear our mind and keep bad energies away.

To me music is magic. It’s not just waves that travel through the air. That’s only when music is born. Music transports me to another place.



Listening to Tool is like listening to music high. But you’re sober




How to define music? Going a step back, a sound is a vibration that travels through a medium. Music is defined by many people as an organized sound. As a combination of vocal and instrument sounds that have a certain tempo in a time signature that has the ability to express harmony and emotion.

How to know if something expresses emotion? Well, as soon as the sound gets into my head and makes my body change. Might it be a smile, dancing, goosebump skin, headbanging, and most, importantly, transporting myself into a magical place.

To me, there is nothing that defines a personality better than a feeling towards a piece of music. That’s why I’ve decided to create JammingWave. My dream is to live in a society that shares whatever transition your body gets while listening to your favorite tune.