Were The Beatles The Best Band Ever?

Were The Beatles the best band ever? That must be one of the most popular questions in the music world. The Beatles were an absolutely fantastic, enjoyable, amazing, and most of everything else, a revolutionary band. I mean that without a single doubt, they change the way albums were recorded, presented and released.


I might be extremely careful if I say something like “this is the best band of all time”. Does that even mean something? How you can score and rank all the bands that had ever existed?


Let’s see, I think (no, I’m sure) that it is not even possible to listen to every band rally. Not only that, but you will have to hear and interpret every stage of that band/artist. You see, depending on the time of a group career, they tend to sound different. And if they don’t, you’ll have a boring band.


So ok, if you say that that (for example The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones) is the best band of all time… That will mean that you had heard all the songs ever recorded by all the artists in the history. And you had heard them so many times that you’ll be able to judge all of them individually. That is simply, my friend, an impossible task to do.


Let me tell you my point of view now. Every group, when they express their feelings through music, they contribute with a small piece of an endless puzzle. I like to simply call it “The History Of Music”.


If you say: Alter Bridge is the best band of all time. They are might (and they are) very, very talented musicians, with a lot of cool songs. But if Tremonti (lead guitars) had never listened to Metallica (or never had seen that piece of the puzzle), Alter Bridge would sound very different from what they sound nowadays. I know this fact because I have listened to Mark Tremonti saying in That Metal Show that his favorite band is Metallica.


Every artist influences the others to come with their piece of the never-ending puzzle. That piece being small or big, it doesn’t matter really. The shape of it might differ depending on the kind of music.


There is no best band in history from my point of view. There are only bands that create, experiment and express their feelings through music. And I love the fact that every artist has their own style. Depending on what I’m doing I like to hear something different. For example, when I go for a run there is a band that is perfect for that occasion.


That being said, maybe for you, and for your mood, you are in a stage of your life where is a band suits you better than any other. But that doesn’t mean that that band is the best of all the times.


Would you agree with me?