The top 5 vinyl of my collection

I thought to try something different with this video. I was off from uploading new videos where I shared my opinion about a piece of music. I´ve been investing a lot of time in JammingWave as well but for the “Animated” videos.

Why not share my top 5 vinyl albums of my personal collection? Bear in mind these are not ordered in any way. All these albums have something different and make them unique each and every one of them. I will share why is that, what makes me like those records so much for them to be in my prestigious top 5. You see… I have a lot of LPs!

Jimi Hendrix – “Axis: Bold as LoveIf I have to take one musician to life for seeing him in a concert… that would be Jimi Hendrix. I have all his catalog in my collection, but Axis: Bold as Love is the one that makes his job better for taking me to a nasty psychedelic trip on mars. That is what Jimi does the best, is taking you on a nasty psychedelic trip on mars. I´ve heard that Jimi spent an immersive amount of time in the task of arranging the sounds in the recording of his albums. So much that his label company pressured him to release music faster. (and bear in mind that all his three albums came out in just 2 years alone…). I´ve heard he spent an entire day seeing a landscape, and telling people that he wanted to make music to be as involved as that view. I think that Jimi had accomplished such a thing with this album. Amazing. Ah, and this is the second press of the English release. That makes it more valuable in financial terms, I guess. But that benefits also in the musical experience in my opinion, Just when you open the record jacket… the smell of it takes you to that era in some way I guess.

Metallica – “Master Of Puppets” Do I need to say something to justify this masterpiece in my top 5? It´s Master Of Puppets, It is heavy, gorgeous, visionary, sentimental… I mean, look at the artwork, still today, more than 30 years after its release, it still looks like new. Every song it has is good, but not just that, It’s also the fact that each song is different and unique from the other. For example, Battery.. what an amazing song to start a record, goes in crescendo with Lars crashes… Master Of Puppets, one of Metallica’s anthems. Disposable Heroes, headbanging song, just the one you would like to have when creating a pit in a live show. Orion… my favorite Metallica instrumental song… This album is so perfect in its own way. Love it and it is a clear finalist on the list.

Mr. Bungle – ”Disco Volante” Well, out of the 5 albums, this is the last one in terms of popularity I might say. I remember the first time I’ve listened to Disco Volante the first time. I think that there was something wrong with my headphones. Yes, it was that bad. I have been lately someone that is more open-minded when listening to new music. But this one was so out for me. I listened to it all the way through and never listened again. And then I have listened to more and more Mike Patton projects, getting to a point that I was obsessed with his music. I´ve joined some forums and a lot of people praised this album. I thought I would give it another try… oh that´s not too bad I said… and again and again… I was hooked. For music that is not standard, I think that you have to give it a chance. It´s like hearing a new language, the first time you don’t understand anything, but then you will get it. I have all Mr. Bunlge’s collection, but I picked this one because it is the album that opened my mind musically the most. It made me understand that music can go to another dimension, if you arrange a huge range of sounds in a specific order and with a specific tempo… and have a lot of artistic potentials… you can still compose attractive music. Unbelievable. Definitely, a must if you are the kind of person that is open-minded regarding music.

Avenged Sevenfold – ”The Stage” When I first heard City Of Evil I was very interested in it. Back in 2005 nobody was doing what Avenged was doing. They were releasing complex songs, adding to them a vast amount of instruments. And they sounded great! Their latest album, The Stage is my favorite. It’s one of those albums that are cool when you first spin them, but after some time, they get just better and better to our ears. I see this album as a more mature City Of Evil. These guys have 10 more years when this was released, and you can tell this when you listen to it. A lot of people say that Avenged is just a boy band.., I am sure that they have not listened to this album.

Pink Floyd – ”Wish You Were Here”. I have to close the list with this one. There is no song that would get you so hoked for over 25 minutes than Shine On You Crazy Dimond (considering all 9 parts of it). Wish You Were Here has something that no other Pink Floyd album has in my opinion, or at least not as evident as this one, and that is a soul. There is a lot of energy packed inside this one. They were recording this thing thinking about Syd, the legendary original singer of the British band up in the studio. no one was expecting him! The song Have a Cigar was sung by Roy Harper. he was in the same studio but in another room, hanging out he came out with the idea of singing the song for Pink Floyd… And he did. There is so much history inside this album… That this shouldn’t be an album! Instead, it should be a book… Welcome to the machine is my ultimate song when testing audio gear. And Wish You Were Here is one of my all-time favorite songs….. I couldn’t leave this album out of the list… No sir.